Welcome on the website of the Professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems

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The professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Gaderer since the 1st of February 2015.

Our focus is on the development of technologies and energy systems for energy conversion, product development and the integration and energy efficiency of energy systems in supply structures for a wide range of users. This also includes energy-economical and interdisciplinary questions on the use of renewable resources in a sustainable energy supply and in the product- and material-oriented industry. For example, the cascade use of biomass and the biorefinery for a sustainable chemical industry and bioeconomy are investigated.

Our research can be divided in three areas: energy carriers and resources, thermal and chemical conversion and system technology.

For tackling the research problems, we collaborate with national and international partners from academia and industry. Common partners are institutes, companies, small companies, municipalities, authorities and associations. National or international funding provides the basis for our projects.

Our teaching duties focus on lectures, seminars, practical courses and excursions related to energy for the Bachelor and Master programmes in Renewable Resources. Moreover, students are welcome to write their Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with us.